Chris mac daddy kelly how did he die

Kris Kross' Chris Kelly died from overdose, autopsy says

According to the police report from the night Kelly died, his mother, Donna Kelly Pratte, told police that her son had a history of substance abuse, and used both cocaine and heroin the night before his death. Kelly, 34, was found unresponsive in his home on May 1 and pronounced dead at Atlanta Medical Center. Kelly and lifelong friend Chris Smith were just 13 in when they were famously discovered at Atlanta's Greenbriar Mall by well-known rapper and producer Jermaine Dupri, who was just 19 himself.

Kris Kross had performed together as recently as February, taking the stage at the 20th anniversary of Dupri's Atlanta-based record label, So Def Recordings.

Kriss Kross' Chris Kelly died of drug overdose - CBS News

After Kelly's death, Dupri called him the "son I never had," and musical partner Smith said, "He was like a brother. I love him and will miss him dearly.

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Rapper Ludacris called Kris Kross, "one of my motivations as a kid to even get into the rap game. The Kris Kross reunion seems to have reintroduced Kelly to the Atlanta rap scene, boosting his confidence and encouraging him to start going out to clubs.


TMZ released a video of him partying and rapping along to a song playing from the stereo the night before his death, offering a window into his world and his state of mind leading up to his tragic passing. He was screened for drugs at the hospital after being pronounced dead. Poly-substance abuse takes the dangers of one addiction and multiplies them by the risks of the other.

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These risks are compounded by the issue of addiction—with users quickly developing a tolerance to the drug and needing to take more and more to achieve the same effects. If they stop, the symptoms of withdrawal—such as muscle pain, insomnia, diarrhea, and vomiting—kick in and encourage them to take another dose.

This is when the individual becomes trapped in the cycle of addiction. Because of the dulling, numbing effects of heroin, when people take it throughout the day they struggle to function. This leads many to add another substance into their toxic cocktail, often cocaine.

Chris Kelly Died of Drug Overdose: Medical Examiner

The general effects of the drug, such as increasing alertness, energy and talkativeness, obviously counteract the effects of heroin to allow the user to function a little more effectively. There are many risks to cocaine abuse, but the most pressing is the effect of increasing heart rate and blood pressure, which increases the likelihood of heart attacks.

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Of course, cocaine is also addictive, creating a dual problem for users like Chris Kelly. With the knowledge that Kelly was taking heroin and cocaine the night before his death, it means that he could have been going through the early stages of heroin withdrawal in the morning, explaining his reported nausea. Cocaine might superficially help stave off the effects of heroin withdrawal, but users generally know that only heroin will truly remove the symptoms and their brain craves it throughout withdrawal as a result.