My mail app wont close on my mac

Force Quit Mobile Apps

This can happen when the app enters an infinite loop, crashes, hangs or otherwise ceases responding to user input. Force-quitting applications through the dock is the most familiar method for most users. Activity monitor also has the power to close apps. It lets you get a better handle on apps that have silently failed in the background.


Why Mac Mail won’t quit and keeps interrupting shut down? - macOS FAQ

Because Activity Monitor shows the status of all open applications, you can see at a glance if any apps need to be force quit. Replace [Application Name] with the name of the application you want to force quit.

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For example, to find Chrome, we would type the following:. Scan the resulting list for the correct application or process.

How to Force Quit an App That Won't Quit

Here we can see that Chrome has the PID Type kill followed by the PID from the last step. For example, kill will shut down the process with the PID Tried the force quit via every method available but does not work and is difficult to target the APP as its only visible in Activity Monitor or Force Quit window for 1 or 2 seconds each time it tries to start. I have no idea what to try next. What application is causing the problem?

1. Use the Dock

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  • When an app is dragging its feet on your Mac , you can force quit the app and try opening it again and usually this clears the problem. Bummer, right? When this happens, all kinds of havoc can be wreaked on your hardware that makes it tough for your Mac to process the tools necessary to force quit an app.

    How to Force Quit Apps in Mac OS X

    Memory leaks can be a big source of these kinds of issues. Activity Monitor is a great alternative method for force quitting an app. To do that, follow these steps:.

    Why Mac Mail won’t quit and keeps interrupting shut down?

    Pro tip: Not everyone is comfortable using a command line interface, but they can be one of the most effective ways of getting things done. To force quit an app with Terminal , follow these steps:.

    Force quit using Activity Monitor

    As soon as you strike the Return key, the app should force quit. If not, try the following command instead:. Instead, you will need to forcefully shut down your Mac.

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    You can do this by pressing and holding the Power button your keyboard surface if you have a notebook or by unplugging your Mac from the power adapter if you have a desktop. Your Mac will turn off. Give it about 10 seconds to cool down from the stuck app, as the CPU is undoubtedly on fire right about now. After you let it sit for a few seconds, go ahead and power your Mac back on again.