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I used to install MPlayerX from the Mac App Store, but then the developers stopped the support for the Mac App Store version, and if you wanted all the features of its latest version, you had to download the installer from its own website. Now that installer has malware embedded, like the one you can find on some installers like uTorrent and so on. Yes, QT is fine if all you play is mp4 or m4v or such. I use Div x, the Pro version plays with Dolby surround-sound. Sounds great with my Polk sound bar.

Last time I used it was around ish. Used to be hot in the old times. Yes, VLC is the best option for me. Long time used on Windows and now on Mac. Happy with it. Longtime fan of ease-of-use of VLC. However, since switching to late iMac Retina 5K , I find the colors super-saturated. No amount of tinkering with settings can get natural colors. They have a free version as well. I am using Elmedia Player Pro, great features and it can add external audio and subtitles to the video easy. Total Video Player 2. Even has the ability to take snapshots of videos.

Also available in the Mac App store.

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Movist is great if you care for battery life — its resource use is much lower than e. Plenty of other players can, and they have better GUIs as well. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Scott says: February 15, at Yup says: February 15, at 3: Larry says: February 15, at 5: Helmuth says: Paul says: DonDop says: Ted says: February 16, at February 17, at 6: Stan says: Colm says: March 18, at Valentino says: Alex says: February 19, at 4: July 7, at 4: PingPong says: February 15, at 1: February 15, at 6: Todd Robinson says: February 15, at 8: Just fire up VLC to take some screens.

It's very adept at it. As for the FBI warnings Good old dyslexia. I always struggle with acronyms for some reason. That sounds excessive, but I have transcoded them to higher bitrate H.

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I am looking to avoid wasting time transcoding and to save disk space by playing HEVC. Unfortunately, there is no h.

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The resource demands it puts on a system would challenge even a quad i7, so your quad G5 would feel like it was fighting a bear to play it. VLC started supporting it at version 2. As for MPLayer They are also far too old of versions to support h. The reality for you is that you need to embrace h.

It looks amazing around kbps, especially in two-pass encoding.

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What are you using to encode video? IMO Handbrake rips the cleanest looking video. Its h. I would honestly be shocked if anyone wasn't happy with p h. That cuts your stated file sizes in half. I wouldn't use anything else to rip h. Also, h. One of the main things I have leaned as a ripper of a lot of video, is that not all encoders are created equally.

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Two different applications that rip the same codec will rarely produce identical results quality-wise. I am currently using iMac G4 1. The only way it would help is if you run other things while you play video. Quicktime is still great for use in conjunction with Clicktoplugin and Safari 5.

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I know this is an old thread but for historical purposes, I'll include this, which shows h playback is possible even on a Powerbook - albeit P. A summary of players by zen. All my life I have been a big user and collector of video since before I ever even used computers, but from on I have been willingly engulfed in digital video on Mac OS X.

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In all that time I have learned a thing or three about all the playback applications available, and the strengths and weaknesses of each. These are my findings. I recommend you use 0. For Leopard users, the 2. So Leopard single CPU users should stick to 1. There are various versions by various developers, but there are three versions that are very worth the HD space they use.

I have some very old real player formatted video I downloaded years ago, but would never install Real Player on any system of mine, nor should you, as it is spyware. VLC can play real media also, but it plays very jerky, and with lots of resources available.

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Bottom line CorePlayer OSX is the absolute champion of resource efficiency, and is a master of x codec playback, but to be honest, that is where its good qualities end. The GUI is very sloppily put together, and just generally awkward to use, but not so bad that it's unusable; just clunky and oddball.

I guess this is what happens when you port cellphone software to the desktop, but forget to make it more desktop functional. There is no other application that consumes more of your CPU than this one. The only use I have for it is the editing feature in the pro version, which is actually quite simple and elegant, but still uses way too many resources. It plays DVD's really well and efficiently, and that's all you really need to know.

Wrapper Roundup It makes sense to end this with a list of video wrappers, and which players are best for each. Since this is all based on personal experience, I welcome any findings the readers have also.