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Or at least all the good ones.

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She used the on me and it HURT! My eyes stung too Also, the brush felt like nothing special It was kind of hard too I prefer my ecotools angled eyeliner brush. However, I've heard that MAC face brushes are a lot better than their eye brushes, so maybe that's why I love the Batgirl - I like my synthetic brushes a lot more though Why do you think they are crappy?

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Just wondering, eheh Real animal hair brushes tend to shed damn my kabuki!!! Also, after washing, they retain their shape as if they're brand new, so I really like them a lot People might think I'm crazy, but buying oil-paint paint brushes would work just as well. I looked up what MAC brushes are made of, and you can find paint brushes in many different shapes and sizes for much cheaper but made of the saaaame material.

Paint brushes can be very, very, very soft too; I can almost guarantee you can find one just as good if not better than a MAC one and for less money.

MAC is making a major change to their makeup brushes

What's more is if they're for oil paints especially, they're meant to stand the test of time and intense usage oil paint has to be able to withstand being soaked in turpentine, so make-up is nothing compared to that. So that would be my suggestion. Instead of dishing out so much when, really, you're just paying for a brand name, just head over to an art store and get a nice-quality paint brush for a better price.

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By angelangie Started May 28, By NileRose Started December 28, By bearstevenlee Started Saturday at Natural makeup brushes: Practice makes perfect with natural makeup brushes, as they are extremely durable and actually get better the more you use them. When it comes to powder products, natural makeup brushes are your best bet. Natural hair bristles move freely, allowing you to not only pick up enough product in one swipe, but also to blend it out beautifully.

MAC Foundation Brushes and Tools

Our favorite natural brushes: If a brush is going to be natural, we prefer it be cruelty-free and high quality. Where to Buy: In a statement MAC announced the change along with the addition of brand new brush styles:.

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The collection brings back the , and Brushes, and also debuts two new Eye Brushes — S and S. Not only are synthetic makeup brushes completely cruelty free, but they also work better with cream products as they absorb less product. However the main argument for real hair brushes is that they are softer and work better with powder products than synthetic brushes. MAC's Global Senior Artist Dominic Skinner took to Instagram to explain his initial concerns around the decision, a view that has changed since using the new range.

Natural vs. Synthetic: Which Makeup Brushes to Use

They are just as soft and in many cases, softer. The best think I've found is the new makeup brushes keep their shape better. Fear not! There, you have it. The change takes place with immediate effect, so look out for an 'S' on your MAC brush handles from now on. Follow Laura on Instagram.