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Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. User Info: There is no mod support in the Mac version, in as much as you won't find a Mods menu or be able to automatically install mods using Steam.

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There is a somewhat involved procedure to get mods working on the Mac version, but it involves tinkering with the game's installation files and installing the mod manually. Here's a guide if you want to try getting mods running on the Mac version: Now we fight like men! And ladies! Perhaps the AI opponents have become predictable, or the game mechanics no longer offer you tense decisions. You need something fresh and exciting to breathe new life into the game. Does this sound like you?

As Civilization V stands, happiness is the resource that caps population growth in your nation. Have a lot of it, and your citizens will happily toil and multiply. Run low and they slow down in their discontent. The Emigration mod adds new mechanics that make excess happiness more valuable. Cities that offer a great quality of life produce a new resource called prosperity. As the game progresses, citizens of each city periodically examine their nearby neighbors. The effect even happens over the borders between nations.

Want to mess with your opponents? Make an exciting city right on their border, and watch as their people jump the fence to pledge allegiance to your flag instead! You can try to conquer chains of islands, vast plains, or even replicas of Earth itself. So why would you want PerfectWorld3? Your opponents are gifted unfair advantages in resource output to make up for their limited problem solving abilities. These probably sound like small things, but over the course of an hour game of Civ, they add up to tons of wasted efficiency.

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Which of these rulers has been playing nice with me? It requires the Red Cross in order to be trained. Enlightenment Era. Created by Pouakai. Those are but a few names people have dubbed the Eighteenth Century, one hundred years that pushed the world into the direction of scientific and Ethnic Units.

Created by Pre Vizsla. Adds new unit skins for many of the Civs Thanks to danrell, bernie14, JTitan, Snafusmith, Wolfdog, hangman and Patum for the unit skins. Also to Gedemon for his tutorial and R. D Modpack which was used as a reference. Gedemon's Tutorial link Gibraltar, Reef, and Krakatoa Fixes.

6 Game-Changing Mods to Reinvigorate Civilization V For Free!

Created by Barathor. Prevents Gibraltar from spawning on small islands; especially single-tile ones which may render it unworkable!

How to Use Mods on Civ 5 On a Mac

Created by Rob K. Adds time based graphs showing civilizations' score, gold, military power, etc. To access the Info Addict screen, hit the scroll button underneath the turn indicator and sel Created by JFD. Krajzen's Buffs Collection. Created by Krajzen.

Compilation of my 23 most popular [20 downloads together! Reform and Rule BNW. Created by Machiavelli. This mod alters every Social Policy and Ideology Tenet. More than a mere "balance patch" most policies include effects that are unlike any existing policies and a few are unlike anything else in the game. These unique effects enable all new strategies that MC's Greek Civilisation Split. Throughout antiquity, the regions surrounding the Aegean Sea were home to some of the greatest city-states and empires of the civilised world.

Though never unified, and often hostile to one-another, these city states came to collectively be known as the Gr More Luxuries. More Pantheons - Addon. Music Changer. Created by Rei da Garrucha.

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This minimalist mod adds a simple button at the top right corner of the screen that allows you to skip the current music playing as many times as you like. If you Created by SupraWaffle. Does not alter any other Chinese civs. Please visit the Civfanatics thread http: Promotions - Expansion Pack. Created by BlouBlou. This mod add new promotions choices when leveling your units and also change the promotion tree system to improve customization possibilities.

It roughly triple your promotion choices for every unit, adding many new promotions, and rearranging depen Quick Turns. Created by Krzyzyk. Only important AI unit actions, relevant Weak Ai Civs boosts.

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Created by White Out. This mod attempts to address shortcomings of civs in game where the Ai struggles immensely either because the UA is something the AI can't grasp or take advantage of, or, it has such a bad UA and lack of a UB or a bad UB that playing against them is so e Xia - Erlitou Brave New World. Created by Tomatekh. Yet not Another Earth Maps Pack. Created by Gedemon. Earth maps with True Starting Location and custom options featuring advanced setup screen, optional realistic resources placement and hotseat. Race for Religion BNW. Race for Religion is more than just additional beliefs.

Experience a new dynamic around religion while still being compatible with other mods, even those that add new religions. Don't get left behind in the Race for Religion!

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  4. Every pan Of course, the relative scale is nothing close to realism, but it looks An edited down version of the mod which only includes religions which the official civs have a preference for 13 new religions can be found here: Created by TPangolin. In this mod you'll play as Lester B. Pearson - war veteran, Nobel Peace Prize winner, respected leader and diplomatic superhero! This is the Third mod in the Colonialist Diplomacy Values BNW.

    Created by Wart. Shows actual values for AI opinion modifiers. For Brave New World. Gods and Kings version here. Civ Names by Policies. Created by Lex. For BNW only. If you are going to ask a questions about the mod algorithm, name specific, localization, etc. Special thanks to SaintDaveUK for many additions to naming system.

    Faster Aircraft Animations. This mod speed up aircraft combat animation x2 You can change that speed factor by editing the file FasterAircraft. This is a stand-alone edit of my Historical Religions mod you do not need to use the main mod to use this version , which can be found here: Unique Cultural Influence.