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This time is set in the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences. When this happens, if you press a key on your keyboard, move your mouse, or tap your trackpad, the screen brightens again. But if you make a small change to a security setting, no one can access your Mac after waking up the display without entering your password.

Click the General tab, then check Require Password immediately after sleep or screen saver begins. You may need to select "immediately" in the menu. This setting applies when the Mac goes to sleep, when a screen saver starts, and when the screen itself turns off.

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The difference between these two operations is that the first allows your Mac to continue running even when the screen is black. You may be downloading files, or you may have an app recording something; in either case, your Mac won't stop these actions. If you put it to sleep, however, everything stops. There are other ways you can protect your Mac from prying eyes, too.


One of the safest is to use a screen saver. It's a good idea to use a screen saver, since it will automatically activate after a few minutes, protecting your Mac if you've forgotten to lock it. There are a couple of things I don't like but they are definitely not deal breakers. I wish they would allow Touch ID to be used to unlock apps. I think this could be achieved through the use of the APIs for Local Authentication fingerprint checking.


‎Lock Screen on the Mac App Store

This would allow the lock screen to complete the passcode requirement with Touch ID verification. There is also a slightly odd animation effect when the app opens that I I don't like. The app looks like it is opening, and you see the lock screen for a second. The then screen goes blank for a few more seconds before the lock screen comes back on. This animation issue is something that I believe will be ironed out with future updates. Start by going to System Preferences. You can either search for it, or go to your Apple Menu and select the gear icon.

Lock Me Now

Step 2: When this window opens, make sure that you are in the General section, which should be the first tab. Step 3: The first section in General is all about your passwords.

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  8. You will see several checkboxes that can be checked here. Step 4: There you go! Since this lock also affects screensavers , you may want to pay a visit to your screensaver settings and make sure that they are acceptable, with the knowledge that you will have to type in your password every time it turns on. But do you want to make things even easier?

    Mac App - LockScreen 2 Overview

    Hold these three keys down, and your computer will immediately slip into its sleep state. If you like this shortcut, practice it a bit, and start using it when you get up.

    How to Lock Your Mac Screen and Protect It from Prying Eyes

    But be careful! Other similar shortcuts will automatically quit all your apps or shut down your Mac. Right click on any specific document, and choose Get Info.

    Set a password lock

    This will bring up a window with a number of options for changing the document. If you want to make it read-only, select Locked. If you want to lock an open document, right click the document title at the top of the window instead. There are other ways to protect documents, but this is one of the simplest if you are short on time. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Don't Miss.