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  • How to Change the Default Mail App Client in Mac OS X.
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  • How Do I Change My Default Mail Client In OS X?.

Most of us Read more. Ever faced a situation when you were working on a lengthy document, and you realize that you have changed so many things? And now Thanks to the built-in ambient light sensor, iOS automatically adjusts the brightness of your iPhone depending on the light conditions. For example, when you First introduced on iPhone 7 Plus in , "Portrait Mode" has come a long way. Apple has slowly but steadily enhanced this photography-centric feature If you come across the additional complication that the mail default email reader setting reverts by itself back to chrome or whatever it was last set to….

Change your default email app

How do I make it stay where I put it? Ran into the problem on 2 of may Macs.

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Changing default in Mail preferences still reverts to Thunderbird. I also had the problem with my choice firefox. So I tried the command line fix above. Now firefox. I no long er have a choice of a mail app when I use the Share pull-down menu! How do I get the choice of a mil app when I use the Share pull-down menu?

How to change the default apps used to open files in macOS

Or simply put, how can I now mail a web page or link from Safari? One step forward, two back. I want to change my default email client from Mail to Airmail. When I open Mail, it hesitates for a minute, then starts to open dozens hundreds?

How to change the default apps used to open files in macOS

This happens ad nauseum until I force quit Mail. I keep thinking that maybe there is a command line instruction I could use, or something in the about: Any suggestions? Thank you! There is NO default email app feature in either Mail or Thunderbird. What the hell are you guys talking about? Ed, here is a detailed tutorial describing how to set the default email app on a Mac, it is done through the Mail application. From the Mail app you set Mail or Thunderbird or any other email app as your default email app on Mac. You should read it before commenting. Does changing the mail reader default on Mail app will subsequently change Calendar and Contact as well.

Changing the Default Mail Client to Another App in Mac OS X

Four years later and this is still the case!? What is wrong with us? Have we really become so numb to the abuse from tech companies? Get it here:. Name required.

How to Change Default Mail App Client in Mac OS X

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