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The approved Jersey arms receivers, which could not be sold over seas nor at home, were stored for years until their sale to R. These pistols were of course semi-auto firing, closed bolt design guns which saw limited sales and are seldom seen on the market today. Are these receivers some of the un-built Jersey arms submachine guns or just stray pistol receivers from Patriot Distribution? Which ever they are, today they can ONLY be assembled as closed bolt firing guns.

Produced in 9 mm only, it was made as an open bolt firing submachine gun. To increase sales, a semi-auto ONLY pistol version was also built which fires from the closed bolt and was designed NOT to be converted to full auto fire. This closed bolt pistol was chambered in 9 mm. A second chambering was offered in a conversion kit to allow the pistol to fire.

A semi-auto carbine weapon was also made and, like the pistol, it was designed in such a manner as to be not converted to full auto fire. This firm also produced submachine guns of the Ingram M10 design in both 45 acp and 9 mm. These are open bolt firing style weapons that had a very short production history due to the ATF declaring that no more machine and submachine guns could be manufactured for civilian use after One item of note: For this reason, the one receiver can be used to fire both rounds by simply changing a few parts, the upper receiver, and adding a mag adapter or removing one as required.

As the civilian market was still searching for more M10 style Ingram weapons, this firm supplied both 9mm and 45 acp closed bolt firing pistols based on the Ingram design.

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This design used sheet metal stamping for most of its lockwork assembly, which made the pistol appear to be more complex than other weapons of this class, and with the harder cocking of the closed bolt system and heavy trigger pull, the pistol suffered with poor sales until these production problems were overcome. There was one carbine prototype built in 45 acp, however there was no interest by the management for a carbine at this time and that project was dropped.

Such companies as Tapco and Rhino Sales were offering lower receiver parts kits as well as complete upper receiver assemblies. As a result of these parts becoming available, a number of small companies started offering MAC parts kit guns for sale. These receivers are believed to have been produced by R. At the time these receivers were offered, the only company that had parts that would work in these receivers were made by MAC, in Texas. So, a great many Taylor Model D, Mstyle pistols were completed using these parts.

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As with the Taylor, the 45 model T. These kits ran from flat unbent sheet metal, to U-shaped bent receivers, up and including stripped lower receivers. A few completed pistols have been reportedly sold by this firm as well. This company was founded in L. Ingram and R. The firm later moved to Las Vegas, NV, to set up manufacturing and distribution of a new line of weapons designed by Mr.

Ingram which included many new and up-dated designs using the newest materials and modern manufacturing techniques. Their new line of weapons, the "Mark series," never made it past the prototype stage. The assault weapons ban spelled the end before it ever began for Mr. Ingram's new company. Leinad LLC. At this time, a small start-up firm was making lockwork assemblies based on the RPB closed bolt system. This company became Masterpiece Arms, which in time merged with Nighthawk Firearms to form a new company with a long track record of quality and attention to detail. The location and type of safety is also different fro the M Manufactured after the assault weapons ban, this pistol does not have a threaded barrel.

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In addition, the lockwork of this new and compact design is well thought out and very rugged. According to reports, the Vulcan V10 is available in both 9 mm and 45 acp. May Have Won. Not Accepted. Click to add notes. Notes saved. Bid Live No Minimum. Your Max 0. Your Bid 0. New Max Bid. Place Bid.

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Features a 32 round magazine and threaded barrel for a suppressor or barrel extension. Comes with carrying case and loader. Tag word: Firearm Z12 DT. Auction Information. Most items are offered without Reserves! Preview begins at Terms and Conditions. If Bidder does not agree to these Terms and Conditions, Bidder is not authorized to make a bid on or buy any item. Inspection, Assumption of Risk and Disclaimer of Warranties Bidder is knowledgeable and informed about the items for which Bidder submits a bid, and Bidder assumes all risk relating to the condition, authenticity and value of the item.

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