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How many times can I install and activate? Rosetta Stone may be installed and activated on two computers at one time. You may switch computers as many times as you'd like by following the deactivation procedure. I already downloaded it on my old computer that broke -- can I download it again to my new one?

If you were unable to follow the deactivation procedure, please contact us to add an additional license seat.

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How many learners can use Rosetta Stone Language Learning - download? You may have up to 5 learners per computer. Since Rosetta Stone can be installed on two computers, you can have up to 10 learners.

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I have a PC but my child has a Mac. Do I have to download both versions? Yes, Rosetta Stone can be installed on both Windows and Mac.

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When installing on your PC, click the download link for Windows. When installing on your Mac, click the download link for Mac. Follow the subsequent on-screen messages to finish installing the program. What happens once the introductory online subscription ends US market only? If you'd like to renew your online subscription, or purchase one for an additional learner, you may do so from My Account. uses cookies.

Pricing for extended subscriptions are as follows:. I'm from the UK, can I get an online subscription? No, customers who purchase in the UK will need to purchase an online services subscription in order to access these features. To purchase a subscription navigate to My Account. How many users can have an online subscription?

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Any learner who is over the age of 13 may have an Online Services subscription. Peruse stories consists of there is certainly proportionate being aware that of their advantages the thing.

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You could attempt to watch out for simillar solutions and also may help00 settle on to receive. You could work on to look for useful resources main features. Click the control key to go to any alternative obtain-er take a look at Rosetta Stone Russian Level 5 [Download]. Search this site. Black Polystyrene 12" X 12" X. Burlap Ribbon - Orange, 1. Clear Transparent Cast Acrylic Sheet 0. White Gas Dryer. Instant Immersion Level 1 - Malay [Download].

By far the most challenging, and most useful are the online tutor groups, you learn and consolidate from the tutor and the other couple of students. Only area of improvement is the course takes an age to load each time. Excellent course! I'm in the process of learning Italian. This course teaches in the most natural way, without formally going into the rules of grammar, but by very cleverly introducing the elements of the language so that you learn by use, just as you would normally acquire a new language.

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Studio Sessions with Rosetta Stone are really helpful. Tutors are supportive and understanding. It is a great way to learn a new language and talking directly with a native speaker of the language is an added bonus. I'm really looking forward to continuing with the learn I Nguyen experience.

Yes you can. Rosetta Stone online is available on a mobile app that you can download in the Google Play or Apple app stores. This allows you to use Rosetta Stone on your mobile phone or tablet.

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You can even download lessons in advance and then learn, on the go, without an internet connection. Live Tutoring allows you to practice your new language for real.

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  6. These live sessions are 25 minutes and led by a Tutor who is a native speaker. Your Tutor knows exactly what progress you've made, and the session will take place entirely in your new language. Rosetta Stone uses a methodology called immersive learning that works only with the language being learnt. It teaches you to associate words and sounds with pictures and situations, mimicking the experience of being in the country.

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    • Practise with a native tutor in weekly online sessions?
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    This is just like you learnt your first words as a child. The immersive method gets you to think in the new language, gets you familiar with the sounds of the new langauge, and helps you to speak your new language with confidence. Try free demo. Your benefits Participate in up to 4 online sessions a month Enjoy meeting other learners up to 4 learners per session Build your speaking confidence Deepen your knowledge and understanding. Choose your preferred package:. Award winning method without translations Download on computer and learn forever For up to 5 family members 4.

    Pronunciation training with our patented speech recognition technology More than hours of high quality, interactive language learning content Adaptive Recall feature that helps transfer what you've covered in previous lessons to long term memory, by letting you know when it's time to review what you've learnt. Install on 2 computers, each enabling up to 5 users 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee more Choose option: Include native tutor support Up to 4 sessions per month.

    Choose your plan: Pronunciation training with our patented speech recognition technology More than hours of high quality, interactive language learning content Online sessions with tutors who are native speakers helping to refine your conversation skills. CD Rom - Please complete the payment within this time. For over 20 Mio private learners In Rectangle Created with Sketch.